Spring Street Courthouse: Now Featuring LASC

Some of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse departments have been moved to the Spring Street Courthouse, at 312 N. Spring Street. It is a federal facility and you must have valid identification to enter.

Filings will continue at Stanley Mosk, along with most of the departments. Family Law is affected by settlements with Judge Silverman, which will now take place on Spring Street.

More information is available at www.lacourt.org


Retirement Benefits

I have had several calls this month about dividing retirement benefits. Many times the retirement benefit plan was joined in the dissolution action, and the Judgment directs the division of the benefits, but the specialized Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) was not finalized.

There are a few QDRO specialists who do nothing else. In a hostile divorce, the family law attorneys often prefer for a neutral specialist to draft the order. Mistakes are costly and can result in liability for the drafting attorney. A neutral attorney not involved in the divorce can be more easily accepted by both parties.

It is always a good time to organize your documents concerning your assets. As you get closer to retirement, your benefits will acquire a shimmer and allure you never thought of before. Get those documents done!


Mediated Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are a good idea for anyone who is marrying later in life, after accumulating some assets and advancing in their careers.

The Agreement will be helpful in the event of a later break-up or even the untimely demise of a spouse. Candid disclosure of assets, debts and income will assist in establishing your new phase of life, and will greatly increase the chances that the Agreement will be enforced.

Some attorneys don’t like doing Prenuptial Agreements, and will quote a high price to draft one. The cost will be more reasonable for a mediated Agreement, where one attorney assists both parties. Both parties must sign a conflict waiver, and the drafting attorney will not be able to represent either party in the event of a dispute.

Don’t avoid financial discussions before marriage. If you can’t discuss finances, it might be a good idea to postpone the wedding for now.

Government Shutdown: Hardly a Surprise?

Don John and the RePubs have really done it now. They can pass a tax cut for themselves so rapidly people don’t even have time to read it, but when it comes to anything else . . . incompetence.

This would be funny, except it isn’t. Thousands of people are affected by this circus show.

We are hoping for better results after the mid-term elections.

E Pluribus Unum!


No Moore

At long last, it looks like Roy Moore is headed for obscurity, long term, we hope.

Political consciousness is difficult to raise, but perhaps we are making progress.

Iceberg Slim says people would rather believe a beautiful lie, than the ugly truth. Let’s fight against this tendency!

Happy Holidays!


A recent survey put Utah as the 50th state in gender equality. The recent  charges made in the Industry, east and west, may require recalibration.

The silence is damaging for the victims, and for society. Keeping a cover story and hiding the reality is a short-term fix, as we know now.

I used to practice sexual harassment law, plaintiff and defense. The rules are simple: keep your hands to yourself. Don’t make nasty remarks you wouldn’t make in front of your mother. Keep your clothes on. Is this so difficult?

Time to grow up, guys.

Family Law Changes: West District

Family law cases in the Santa Monica Courthouse are being transferred to the downtown Stanley Mosk Courthouse. No documents other than restraining orders will be accepted as of November 1, 2017.

Department “F” will become a long cause trial and voluntary settlement court, with Judge Hank Goldberg presiding. Active cases in the West District have been sent to Dept. 2 downtown for reassignment.

These changes may be the result of financial pressures, or the plan to make electronic filing mandatory in Family Law courts next year.

Commission St. George and his clerk, Ellen, will transfer to Dept. “E” to handle Small Claims matters.

Changes are constant in Family Law. Fortunately, there are experienced family law judges downtown who can handle the case work.

Watch Those Pronouns

SB-219 has been signed into law. It prohibits discrimination against transgender seniors in any “residential care facility for the elderly.”

As usual, legislation would not be necessary if people would just behave. Transgender seniors, in fact many LGBT seniors, face discrimination and derogatory treatment on a daily basis, because they are not accepted for who they are.

While Fox News is aghast at this new law, I congratulate the California Legislature on protecting our citizens. Elderly housing is becoming a very hot issue, due to the general housing crisis all over the state. The Los Angeles LGBT Center has contributed Triangle Square, a housing development for LGBT seniors, and is working on a new site, Mi Centro, which will house seniors and younger people in the same building. This is done in Europe, so that the younger people can receive payments along with housing, and help the seniors. It is anticipated that this type of community will provide benefits to both groups.

Let’s look forward to resolving community issues, instead of backsliding into hate and intolerance.