Monthly Archives: February 2017

Ready or Not: E-file is Coming

I attended a lunch meeting at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse yesterday. It was in Probate Court, but e-filing will be coming to Family Court this year, as well.  Civil court will adopt e-filing next year.

E-filing must be done through an Electronic Filing Service Provider. There are 21 approved agencies. The cost of filing will be increased by $5 to $10, but this does not include the fees charged by the agency, which were not specified.

There are many issues which have not been addressed. It is a work in progress. You will not get your hearing date until two days after filing, which may cause problems. There will be FAQs posted on the Court web site.

E-filing will be permitted in Probate Court on May 1st, and will become mandatory on June 5th. E-filing will be permitted in Family Court on August 7th, and become mandatory on September 5th. Self-represented litigants will be excepted.

I only became aware of this meeting by informal contacts in the probate world, and I have not heard anything about a similar meeting for family law attorneys.

Good luck!