Monthly Archives: March 2017

Safety at the Courthouse

This week Donald Thomas died while paying for his parking at the Santa Monica courthouse. Absadi Kidane smashed through a gate, destroyed guard posts, and killed Thomas, on his way out to Main Street, where he crashed into a parked car, jumped out and was subsequently arrested.

Kidane is suspected of being under the influence. He may not have seen Thomas, or maybe he did. It will be difficult to prevent future incidents of this nature. The widespread demise of parking attendants leaves many of us in front of these machines, trying to figure them out, while cars pass by.

Other courthouse visitors are now subject to being arrested for lack of documentation. This will interfere with court business, and cause needless suffering to many. A stupid policy which has no doubt been encouraged by outrageous actions in D.C.

Condolences to the family Thomas left behind, including a twin sister, and children.