Monthly Archives: July 2017

Uncertainty at the Bus Stop

A recent survey featured the complaints of Metro authorities regarding failure to increase bus ridership. The expansion of the Expo Line in May, 2016, resulted in many former bus riders taking the train. The authorities also admitted the buses are caught in the same traffic as other vehicles, and they can’t promise faster ride times.

Another factor is the uncertainty over when the bus will actually show up. This morning my bus was 13 minutes late, and that was at the first stop! You can inquire by text, but the answer may not be accurate. Getting out of Century City is often much like a Stephen King story, or the Twilight Zone. The text says the bus is arriving, but still it is not there.

Angelenos are mostly impatient. If they are in a car, at least they feel like they are moving, or about to move. Just standing at a bus stop, waiting, not so good.

New Case Numbering for Dissolutions

This week I saw someone’s Petition which was filed on June 21, 1017. The Court has adopted a new case numbering system, starting with “17STFL” and adding an identifying number.

This is most likely in advance of the anticipated electronic filing requirement. I haven’t heard anything more about it in family law; previously it was slated for permissive use in August and mandatory use by September of this year.

The Probate Court has been struggling with electronic filing for a few months, but it has gone better than some people feared. The cost of filing will increase, but it is not clear how much. That’s progress!