Monthly Archives: August 2017

Glitter Run a Huge Success!

I participated in a 5k Glitter Run (well, more like a walk) on Sunday. It was for the benefit of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where I have a volunteer legal clinic once a month.

We walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard, Highland Avenue, and around to the LGBT Center building on Schrader. There were seven glitter stations, where we were liberally sprayed with the sticky stuff. I still have glitter particles on my phone, which was inside my backpack, inside of a case.

The walk was followed by a dance party. A good time was had by all. No protestors, counterprotestors, or violence. No stray Presidents. All in all, a good day!


Civil Disobedience: Both Sides Now

I was horrified to see┬áthe car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend, which killed one woman and injured over 30 others. This act of violence was committed by the right, not “both sides.” Only a depraved idiot would try to salvage his base by using the words of a weasel.

Attacking monuments seems to be popular these days. Even the Palms Buddha has been attacked, allegedly by some misguided tweaker who confuses Islam with Buddhism.

I admit I enjoyed the energy and sentiments of the crowd in Durham, NC who pulled down yet another Confederate monument, kicked it, spit on it, and chanted anti-right wing slogans. While it would be better to allow for legal removal of the pestilent statues, it is difficult to refrain from cheering on those who are just fed up with people looking for excuses to kill, excuses to spend life in prison with their right-wing gang friends.

My country, my country.