Glitter Run a Huge Success!

I participated in a 5k Glitter Run (well, more like a walk) on Sunday. It was for the benefit of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where I have a volunteer legal clinic once a month.

We walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard, Highland Avenue, and around to the LGBT Center building on Schrader. There were seven glitter stations, where we were liberally sprayed with the sticky stuff. I still have glitter particles on my phone, which was inside my backpack, inside of a case.

The walk was followed by a dance party. A good time was had by all. No protestors, counterprotestors, or violence. No stray Presidents. All in all, a good day!


Civil Disobedience: Both Sides Now

I was horrified to see the car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend, which killed one woman and injured over 30 others. This act of violence was committed by the right, not “both sides.” Only a depraved idiot would try to salvage his base by using the words of a weasel.

Attacking monuments seems to be popular these days. Even the Palms Buddha has been attacked, allegedly by some misguided tweaker who confuses Islam with Buddhism.

I admit I enjoyed the energy and sentiments of the crowd in Durham, NC who pulled down yet another Confederate monument, kicked it, spit on it, and chanted anti-right wing slogans. While it would be better to allow for legal removal of the pestilent statues, it is difficult to refrain from cheering on those who are just fed up with people looking for excuses to kill, excuses to spend life in prison with their right-wing gang friends.

My country, my country.

Uncertainty at the Bus Stop

A recent survey featured the complaints of Metro authorities regarding failure to increase bus ridership. The expansion of the Expo Line in May, 2016, resulted in many former bus riders taking the train. The authorities also admitted the buses are caught in the same traffic as other vehicles, and they can’t promise faster ride times.

Another factor is the uncertainty over when the bus will actually show up. This morning my bus was 13 minutes late, and that was at the first stop! You can inquire by text, but the answer may not be accurate. Getting out of Century City is often much like a Stephen King story, or the Twilight Zone. The text says the bus is arriving, but still it is not there.

Angelenos are mostly impatient. If they are in a car, at least they feel like they are moving, or about to move. Just standing at a bus stop, waiting, not so good.

New Case Numbering for Dissolutions

This week I saw someone’s Petition which was filed on June 21, 1017. The Court has adopted a new case numbering system, starting with “17STFL” and adding an identifying number.

This is most likely in advance of the anticipated electronic filing requirement. I haven’t heard anything more about it in family law; previously it was slated for permissive use in August and mandatory use by September of this year.

The Probate Court has been struggling with electronic filing for a few months, but it has gone better than some people feared. The cost of filing will increase, but it is not clear how much. That’s progress!


Philando & Otto

Killing people under authority of law is always troublesome. The families are devastated, the cries for justice seldom appeased, the deaths used as political muscle.

How many times will a police person be acquitted of murder, or even manslaughter, then the authorities arrange a million-dollar plus payout? The ink was barely dry on the acquittal, when it was announced that Philando’s family will receive $3 million. Brown’s family will receive $1.5 million. Is there no end to this manipulation?

Otto is now more famous in death than life. The White House finds him useful in scaring the people, and possibly supporting military action against North Korea. That should make all of us very, very afraid.

Santa Monica: Worst Traffic Nationwide

Snapchat reports that Santa Monica has the worst traffic in the nation. I’m not surprised. I was out there on Saturday afternoon. The entire mall parking lot was full. Broadway and Fourth were packed with cars, barely moving. The ocean was beautiful, but first you had to get there.

I took the train.

Deadly Pursuit Results in 27 to Life

One night I was talking to my friend, Judy, on the telephone, and saw three helicopters circling around. They were looking for Paul Randolf Brumfield, Jr., who had just hit and decapitated a 15 year old male, Jack Phoenix, who was coming home from work. The stolen car was found four days later with the head in the back seat.

Brumfield was sentenced to 27 years to life, after a 13-day trial.

Nothing can make up for the loss of a family member, but I’m glad the driver was caught, convicted and sentenced.

Safety at the Courthouse

This week Donald Thomas died while paying for his parking at the Santa Monica courthouse. Absadi Kidane smashed through a gate, destroyed guard posts, and killed Thomas, on his way out to Main Street, where he crashed into a parked car, jumped out and was subsequently arrested.

Kidane is suspected of being under the influence. He may not have seen Thomas, or maybe he did. It will be difficult to prevent future incidents of this nature. The widespread demise of parking attendants leaves many of us in front of these machines, trying to figure them out, while cars pass by.

Other courthouse visitors are now subject to being arrested for lack of documentation. This will interfere with court business, and cause needless suffering to many. A stupid policy which has no doubt been encouraged by outrageous actions in D.C.

Condolences to the family Thomas left behind, including a twin sister, and children.

Ready or Not: E-file is Coming

I attended a lunch meeting at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse yesterday. It was in Probate Court, but e-filing will be coming to Family Court this year, as well.  Civil court will adopt e-filing next year.

E-filing must be done through an Electronic Filing Service Provider. There are 21 approved agencies. The cost of filing will be increased by $5 to $10, but this does not include the fees charged by the agency, which were not specified.

There are many issues which have not been addressed. It is a work in progress. You will not get your hearing date until two days after filing, which may cause problems. There will be FAQs posted on the Court web site.

E-filing will be permitted in Probate Court on May 1st, and will become mandatory on June 5th. E-filing will be permitted in Family Court on August 7th, and become mandatory on September 5th. Self-represented litigants will be excepted.

I only became aware of this meeting by informal contacts in the probate world, and I have not heard anything about a similar meeting for family law attorneys.

Good luck!