Watch Those Pronouns

SB-219 has been signed into law. It prohibits discrimination against transgender seniors in any “residential care facility for the elderly.”

As usual, legislation would not be necessary if people would just behave. Transgender seniors, in fact many LGBT seniors, face discrimination and derogatory treatment on a daily basis, because they are not accepted for who they are.

While Fox News is aghast at this new law, I congratulate the California Legislature on protecting our citizens. Elderly housing is becoming a very hot issue, due to the general housing crisis all over the state. The Los Angeles LGBT Center has contributed Triangle Square, a housing development for LGBT seniors, and is working on a new site, Mi Centro, which will house seniors and younger people in the same building. This is done in Europe, so that the younger people can receive payments along with housing, and help the seniors. It is anticipated that this type of community will provide benefits to both groups.

Let’s look forward to resolving community issues, instead of backsliding into hate and intolerance.